The Big Picture provides a wide range of home entertainment options. Call us today to arrange a free, in-home consultation.

Dedicated Rooms

The Big Picture can design and install a room in your home dedicated to the ultimate in home entertainment experience: a private screening room, where movies come alive with the immersive sights and sounds the director intended; or a media room, equally suited to movies, sports and video games, with an immediacy that takes you into the heart of the action. We at The Big Picture are experts not only at identifying the proper audio and video equipment for these spaces, but also in room design and execution, including acoustics, soundproofing, lighting, seating and cabinetry, so that all of the room's elements work together for an extraordinary experience.

Living Spaces

Family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and home offices can be wonderful places to enjoy your favorite movies and music, but no one wants those spaces to be dominated by audio/video equipment. We at The Big Picture are experts at integrating home entertainment with your living spaces, providing products that blend aesthetically with your surroundings or disappear entirely: living rooms where the music speakers look like the walls themselves, family rooms where the television disappears behind a painting, and master bedrooms where all of the electronic gear is neatly hidden away. The Big Picture specializes in systems that are high in performance, low in visibility.

Whole House Entertainment

For most people, electronic and digital media are trapped in a single room: the CD collection in the living room, music files on the office computer, DVDs in the family room, and family photos on the computer in the kitchen. You go to the sources; they don't come to you. The Big Picture can change all that, specializing in systems that take your music and video from wherever you have it, and put it wherever you want it, even outside. Music, video and images can be brought to any room of your house with the press of a button, and best of all, in high definition.

Smart Control

Whether in one room or many, your entertainment systems should be fun to use — easy, intuitive and reliable. The Big Picture provides one-touch remote controls specially programmed for your home and lifestyle. Everything you want your system to do will be one touch away, whether you want to watch a DVD in the family room or listen to music in the dining room. Our controls can tame not only your audio/video system, but can make your whole house smarter, greener and easier to live in — with smart-home control of lighting, heating, air conditioning and security. Energy savings can be substantial.


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