You can buy audio and video equipment from internet sellers, big box stores, specialty electronics companies and others. We are confident that The Big Picture provides a better value to its customers than any other alternative. Here's why:

Top People

Those who work at The Big Picture are both experienced and talented. We average more than 10 years experience in the audio/video industry and were drawn to The Big Picture because of its reputation for excellence. All of us are well trained for the jobs we do, including relevant industry certifications, and are passionate about audio/video systems and their control. You will get the best, most thoughtful advice in the industry.

Unparalleled Commitment

Although many companies talk about customer satisfaction, The Big Picture is structured from top to bottom to make that happen. Real people answer the phone and guide your projects. There are no endless waits on hold, shuffling between departments, or customer service reps. One dedicated professional oversees all aspects of your project, so you always know who to call. And every person—from the delivery guy to the project manager—is empowered to do what it takes to get the job done right.

Rock Solid Business Practices

The Big Picture has grown steadily by reputation and referrals, not flashy advertising programs. The company is well financed and carefully managed for long-term fiscal strength. We are locally owned, with deep roots in the community, actively supporting the Wilmette and Winnetka Chambers of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and regional and national trade organizations. We are here for the long term, to support the systems we design and install for years to come.

Value Driven Philosophy

We seek long-term relationships with our customers. Thats why we are always looking for the best equipment for the money, both in terms of performance and reliability. Our proposals are based on an individual assessment of your needs, not inflated, generic quotes. Our prices are very competitive, too, so you wont lie awake at night worrying if you could have found everything a lot cheaper somewhere else. As a result, you can be confident that we will deliver the best possible result for the budget you've chosen.

Versatility and Sophistication

The Big Picture is capable of handling a wide range of projects, from the simple delivery of a television to the design and installation of multi-room audio/video systems. We work closely with architects, designers and other construction professionals, viewing each project as a collaborative effort to achieve great results for our clients. We are nimble in scheduling and responsive to construction challenges. Big Picture projects, both large and small, proceed smoothly and finish beautifully.


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